Bubble Tanks 3

Bubble Tanks is one of the premier shooting flash games on the internet, and now, the very latest Bubble Tanks game we've all been waiting for is finally out! Bubble Tanks 3 is an absolutely amazing improvement over Bubble Tanks 2, with dozens of new enemies, upgrades, and other hidden features that you can only appreciate after you play the game! In Bubble Tanks, you must move from bubble to bubble in your Bubble Tank, taking care not to be shot down by enemies. Collecting the bubbles your enemies drops helps improve your tank and gives you upgrades to make you more powerful!

Can you collect all of the weapons upgrades, beat the final boss, and conquer Bubble Tanks 3? This game has nearly unlimited replability value, as it's multiple different game angles never gets old. Go with different variations of tanks, choose different weapons, and try to unlock everything possible within the game. ArmorGames put alot of work into this game, we hope you enjoy it!